Gatlinburg Hotels And Cabin Rentals

Gatlinburg Tennessee is the host city (more like a town) to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and since the national park gets almost 10 million visitors every year, there are plenty of Gatlinburg Hotels and cabin rentals to accommodate all the visitors that come to the park. While many vacationers stay in the national park at many of the campgrounds there in either their RV’s, pop ups or in tents, many choose to stay in Gatlinburg while in vacation here.

And if you do choose to stay in a Gatlinburg hotel or rent a cabin, there are plenty to choose from and plenty to accommodate the neraly 10 million travelers every year. There are enough rooms on Gatlinburg between hotels, motels, chalets, condos, vacation rentals and cabin rentals to house some 60,000 people every night. That works out to the equivalent of 30,000 hotel rooms giving enough space to bring 20 million people here every year if they all stayed only a single night.

There are every level of hotel and cabin rental accommodation here in the Gatlinburg resort area from very basic economy level rooms from $50 to $60 a night to suites and incredible cabin rentals costing well over $1,000 per night. The price of your vacation rental will vary with the location, amenities, furnishings and extras that come with your rental. Many people choose to buy into time share deals where they stay the same place every year in a condo type rental.

Some people like the consistency of staying the same place every year and knowing exactly how much they will be paying and what the extras are vs some vacationers like my wife and I enjoy looking for cabins to rent and getting the best deal for our vacation dollars. We enjoy staying in different places around the mountains for the different views, settings, fun amenities and log cabin decor.

Some enjoy staying in a cabin rentals instead of a hotel for the simple reason that if you travel with your family it’s hard to get 4 people into a hotel room. Whereas if you rent a cabin in Gatlinburg, you can get a 2 to 4 bedroom place, have plenty of room and pay less than it would cost you to pay for 2 hotel rooms. You also get nice amenities with a cabin rental such as a Jacuzzi, pool table, large screen tv and much more. Whenever my wife and I travel to this area for vacation we always rent a cabin instead of a hotel room.

Whatever you choose to do though, Gatlinburg Tennessee has more than enough room to accommodate you. You will most certainly have a great vacation you and your family will remember for years to come.